Murano to burn oil

And now there is a diesel model on the way. The introduction of the diesel version in Europe in September will come at the same time as Nissan introduces the fourth member of its crossover line-up, the Juke.

Abundant torque, refinement and reduced consumption and emissions have been achieved by the enhanced 2.5 dCi four-cylinder engine. The Murano now produces 142 kW and 450 Nm of torque, but still manages to achieve Euro5 emission standards.

A new direct injection system operates at 2000 bar (previously 1800 bar), which means an even finer spray resulting in more complete combustion. A new cylinderhead with parallel ports increases the swirl efficiency of the combustion process, smoothing the intake and exhaust flow, while a new variable nozzle turbo (VNT) with an electric system (replacing the previous hydraulic system) makes for quicker responses.

The single powertrain with a six-speed automatic gearbox ensures high-torque engine characteristics, but also optimises fuel economy. The gearbox is equipped with ASC (Adaptive Shift Control), which will modify shift patterns according to the prevailing driving style. This results in tailoring the gearbox to hold on to a lower gear during a descent for added engine braking, for example

Looks do count, so the combination of Murano’s SUV attributes, with the more dynamic qualities of a sporty sedan, has always been its forte. The lower half of the exterior gives an SUV-like air of solidity and robustness, while the upper half is sportier, thanks to its steeply raked windscreen and rising window line at the rear. Scratch Shield paint adds to the “I want one”- reaction Murano’s are known for. The current clearcoat is more scratch resistant compared to conventional clearcoats. When the paint is scratched, over a period of several days the resin will return to its original form, thereby “healing” itself and restoring the appearance of the paint to its original condition.

The interior is a pure “Business Class” experience. Among the standard features are the leather interior with aluminium accents in the cabin, satellite navigation with full colour seven-inch screen, Intelligent Key with a Stop/Start button and full climate control. The front seats are power operated – the driver’s seat has eight-way control including power lumbar support, and the front and rear seats are heated.

For hasty drivers, there are side and rearview cameras, while Bluetooth and Bose sound will satisfy the techie in everyone.

The diesel Murano will hopefully make it to South Africa shortly after its European launch.