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Premium Defender bakkie on the way?

9 December 2013

Premium Defender bakkie

According to What Car?, Land Rover will be building a bakkie version of the all-new Defender. Moreover, we might see a bakkie version of the new Defender as soon as 2017, though it will apparently only arrive after more conventional versions.

Interestingly, Land Rover design boss Gerry McGovern said to What Car? that the new Defender will be a premium bakkie, more in line with the VW Amarok, as opposed to a bare-bones workhorse. So it’s likely that the all-new Defender bakkie will be a leisure double cab aimed at those looking to travel off the beaten path.

You can expect the all-new Defender to arrive in 2016, and the bakkie version a year or two after that.


  • Marius

    What happened to the concept that would have replaced the Defender?