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Renault Kwid heading for production?

19 May 2014

Auto Express in the UK is reporting that Renault plans to turn its space-age Kwid concept vehicle into a production car.

The Kwid was unveiled at the New Delhi Auto Show earlier in 2014, and a quick glance at the vehicle makes it clear that it was very much a pie-in-the-sky concept car, very far removed from any rea-world production car.

But now it is being reported that Renault will in fact build a production version of the Kwid to slot in below the Captur. The Captur isn’t exactly a large vehicle, so it goes without saying that the Kwid will be a very diminutive little crossover. The concept version was a mere 3,6m long, but the production version will apparently grow to around 4m.

Renault will apparently stick with the Kwid name, but you can expect the styling and technology to de toned down substantially. Not much of the concept version will remain. The production vehicle will purportedly be revealed in 2016.