Suzuki to make Swift 4×4 in RHD

Much like with the VW CrossPolo, Suzuki have decided to make a version of their popular Swift hatchbach that is a little more off-road ready, more available. It’s no bundu basher by any means, but there’s no doubt that the Swift looks much better with a bit of grunge. Now, all it needs is some mud.


It’s not just fancy bash plates and a slight suspension lift, either. The Suzuki Swift 4×4, already available in Japan, Germany and Switzerland, has a permanent all-wheel drive drivetrain which sees a torque transfer to the rear when extra traction is required. The lift is 25mm, and on top spec a bodykit does add bash plates both front and rear, with black wheel arches and side skirting. It’s 65kg heavier than the Swift on our roads, with higher fuel consumption and emissions.


The Swift 4×4 is now available across the UK, which means that a right hand drive version could see our roads, should Suzuki SA determine the local market warrants an import.