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Cooking curry boerewors with Yudhika Sujanani

8 October 2012

Celebrity chef Yudhika Sujanani is SA’s much loved Curry Queen of Bling. She cooks in the comfort of her Jimmy Choos, has her make-up airbrushed on and has designer dogs that grace the marble floors of her Top Billing kitchen. To top it all, she is downright beautiful … and boy oh boy, can she make a mean boerie kerrie!

Curried boerewors

(Serves 4)

What you need:

600g Spar Cedarberg boerewors

60ml sunflower oil

5ml cumin seeds

1 onion, finely chopped

5ml coarse salt

4 cloves garlic, crushed

15ml red chilli powder

6 tomatoes, blanched and chopped

5ml ground cumin

5ml ground coriander

5ml garam masala

2,5ml turmeric

10ml magic masala

2 sprigs curry leaves

Fresh coriander, to garnish

(All the spices are in the Curry me Home range)


What you do:

Heat a cast iron pan and drizzle in 5ml sunflower oil. Place the boerewors in the pan. The boerewors should be deep brown on the outside but still undercooked inside. Remove the boerewors from the pan and leave to rest for five minutes. Place the boerewors on a chopping board and slice into rounds. Heat oil in a wide, thick-bottomed pot.

Fry the cumin seeds until they begin to sizzle. Add the finely chopped onion and salt. Sauté until the onions turns golden brown. Stir in the crushed garlic and when the garlic is fragrant, add the red chilli powder. Stir for a few seconds until the red chilli powder, onion and garlic are well mixed. This should not take longer than five seconds.

Take care not to burn the red chilli powder. Mix in the chopped tomatoes and simmer until they soften. Add the ground cumin, coriander, garam masala and the turmeric. Place the boerewors and curry leaves in the sauce. Add the Magic Masala and simmer until the pieces are cooked through. The oil should separate from the sauce. Check the seasoning and add more salt if necessary. Garnish with fresh coriander.


Yudhika’s tips

• This is a great way of using up leftover boerewors after a braai.

• Halve the red chilli for a milder curry.

• For a fiery “curried boerie”, try the red wine, chilli and garlic boerewors from Broadacres Superspar.

• Boerewors can be very salty, so adjust the seasoning accordingly.


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