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The Amalfi Coast by motorbike

23 December 2016

  • The beautiful Amalfi Coast
  • Coastline on the Amalfi Coast
  • Island of Capri
  • The harbor where tourists catch boats to the island of Capri and other coastal towns
  • Ravello Town

My Interesting Motorcycle Trip Along the Amalfi Coast

Europe has some of the best biking destinations in the world.

One of the most memorable ones that I have enjoyed from my motorcycle is the ride along the Amalfi coast in Southern Italy; a drive that is arguably among the world’s most beautiful roads.

Set against the backdrop of the high cliffs along the ocean I could not but help wonder at the magnificent engineering feat that this road represents as I rode my motorcycle on this cliff; hugging the highway at some dizzying heights.

The road is winding and narrow at most parts and driving can become dangerous for a newbie as you jostle for space with the other drivers on all kinds the vehicles- buses, trucks, two-wheelers, as well as cars.

The long coastline in the Amalfi coast region curves through the high limestone cliffs from Sorrento to Salerno past the smaller towns of Amalfi, Ravello, and Positano.

Coastline on the Amalfi Coast
Harbour on the Amalfi Coast

It is one of the most famous tourist highways and is a hot favorite among the motorcyclists because of its picturesque setting as you ride along the peninsula at precarious heights overlooking the deep blue sea on three sides.

The route meanders through the beautifully terraced hills as it passes through the quaint towns and villages set in a postcard-like world!

I started the journey early on my BMW R1100. This was my first experience of driving along such high hill roads and therefore I made sure that I was kitted out in the appropriate motorcycle gear, since I had heard many stories of accidents along these roads.

At one point while passing near the town of Positano I stopped by to take a rest and catch full view the amazing island of Capri rising out of the ocean in the distance.

Island of Capri Island of Capri

I guess the very challenge of this type of ride makes it even more interesting for an adventure motorcycle rider.

Positano is built on the either side of a gorge and is most certainly one town that is built skywards.

Its bright colored buildings that cling to the front face of the Lattari Mountains reminded me of barnacles attached to the hull of a ship.

Driving down the town across the beautifully covered shops, restaurants and boutiques, the next stop was the harbor that was unsurprisingly brimming with activity. It if from this port that tourists catch boats to the island of Capri and other coastal towns.

The harbor where tourists catch boats to the island of Capri and other coastal towns The harbor where tourists catch boats to the island of Capri and other coastal towns

Parking the bike along the cobblestoned alley, and sipping hot coffee, I spent some time watching the crowds lounging around the beach and moving excitedly towards the luxurious boats and yachts.

Then it was on to the town of Amalfi. I was expecting to see something spectacular since the entire coastline has been named after this town. I was not let down.

The town itself looks like something off the pages of a fairytale, with its famous town square right next to the huge Cathedral of Saint Andrew that dominates its surroundings.

Here I spent some time admiring the sweeping flight of stairs leading up to the cathedral and from Amalfi’s town centre I enjoyed the spectacular view of the colorful clusters of houses, villas, shops and restaurants built on a mountain slope with the coastline in the backdrop.

My next stop was Ravello; a town that is also famous as an inspiration for musicians and artists.The town lies along a hilltop, a short winding ride along the “Dragon’s Valley” on the Amalfi coast drive.

Ravello Town Ravello Town

Ravello is also regarded by many tourists as one of the most charming and beautiful Italian towns and is a complete contrast to Amalfi itself, as it is perched right on top of the hills at 350m above sea level.

Because the town is located at higher altitude in the hills, the breeze is refreshingly cool compared to on the coastline.

I stopped my bike and sat down at a viewpoint to have a look over the spectacular Gulf of Salerno.

Visiting these beautiful towns along the picturesque Amalfi coastline was a wonderful experience.

It was quite late as I put on my motorcycle boots and revved up the engine for the drive back to Vico Equense from where I had begun my journey.

If you ever plan to do this trip, take good quality motorcycle goggles and comfortable motorcycle boots and jackets along as you never know what kind of weather you will encounter along the coast and you don’t want to be caught in the cold unexpectedly.

Words and photos: Laura Knight

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