If manufacturers would only ask

Text: Leilani Basson Buying power in most countries has shifted – substantially. Even when it’s not the women who necessarily earn the big tom, they do have a rather nasty reputation for spending it. And if she can’t get to spend it all by herself on herself, she knows just which strings to pull to make Daddy think twice about buying a new vehicle before consulting and ultimately negotiating with Mommy first. According to a study by www.mscareergirl.com, 70% of new businesses are started by women, 85% of all brand purchases are made by women, 91% of new homes are bought by women and 65% of new cars are female-funded. Yet 91% of women feel advertisers, designers and manufacturers don’t understand them. Another insightful website (www.she-conomics.com), detailing the untapped phenomenon of female retail, says it so well: “By understanding the differences between how men and women make buying decisions, you can accommodate each gender’s preferences – and sell more stuff”. We asked a couple of SUV and 4×4 women what they would really like in the ideal women’s wagon… * Six women from various backgrounds share their views in the September issue of Leisure Wheels. Don’t miss this one. They are pretty demanding!