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The multifarious multitool

13 March 2018

The multitool is just that: a compact, multi-functional tool that can sort out all manner of dilemmas. From adjusting your bike’s seat post or headset, to shaving biltong, opening up a battery compartment or a beer, the multitool is not just cool but exceptionally useful.

1. Leatherman Signal

The all-new Signal pairs Leatherman’s traditional functional tools with new preparedness features like a fire-starting ferro rod, a diamond-coated sharpener for maintaining your straight and serrated blade and an emergency whistle. Leatherman says that this tool has everything you need to stay safe and take your adventure further.
Price R2 500

2. Bear Grylls Ultimate MultiTool

This is another collaboration between famous adventurer specialist and survival expert Bear Grylls and Gerber tools. With a lifetime warranty and rugged construction, Gerber claim that this is Bear Grylls’ go-to survival tool. The implement comes with 12 stainless steel, weather-resistant tools that lock while in use. These include spring-loaded needle nose pliers, fine-edge knife, serrated knife, a saw, Phillips screwdriver, small flat driver, medium flat driver, lanyard ring, bottle opener, can opener, scissors, wire cutters and an extra grippy handle.
Price R1 099

3. Victorinox Swiss Cybertool

We’ve heard the Victorinox described as the BMW of multitools and this one doesn’t disappoint. This particular Swiss-made gadget has 41 functions and includes two blades, a can opener with small screwdriver, corkscrew, reamer and punch, wood saw, 2.5mm screwdriver, chisel, key ring, toothpick, tweezers, mini-screwdriver, pliers with wire crimping tool and wire cutters, screwdriver and wire stripper, scissors, reamer with sewing eye, metal saw with metal file, nailfile and nail cleaner as well as Torx screw heads in various sizes, hex screws and Phillips screw heads.
Price R1 825

4. Leatherman Leap

The Leatherman Leap is the first Leatherman multitool created specifically for younger users. The Leap was designed with safety as the number one priority. It comes with safety locks that keep fingers from the path of the tools, a two-hand opening knife blade for safer deployment and a secure grip designed to train users to properly and safely operate it. The Leap also comes with a user-installed knife blade that can be added by a parent when your young ‘un is ready for more responsibility.
Price R1 050

5. Gerber MP600 Multi-Tool Bladeless Box

Constructed of tough stainless steel, the MP600 bladeless box is part of a series of one-hand opening Gerber multitools often used by the US military. It comes with rotatable, replaceable tungsten carbide wire cutters and a removable RemGrit saw. It also holds a Phillips screwdriver, three separate sizes of flat heads, a file, scissors, a built-in ruler, a lanyard ring and a can and bottle opener. All these lock in place for safe application. It can be taken anywhere, thanks to it complying with no-knife policies.
Price R1 860

6. UST Tool a Long Shark

Sometimes all you really need is a bottle opener and anything more is a bonus. If you’re not looking to spend much, the pocket-sized stainless steel UST Tool A Long could do the trick. The shark is compliant for safe-travel, offers you a (most important) bottle opener, a hex wrench with four positions, a butterfly wrench, flathead and Philips head screwdrivers, a tiny ruler and a signal mirror. There’s also a carabiner making it easy to attach to your gear.
Price R199

7. Gerber Dime Micro Keychain MultiTool

This miniature multitool is lightweight, compact and can be attached to your keychain. It incorporates a unique blade “designed to safely cut” and a bottle opener that is exposed even when the tool is closed. It also includes stainless steel pliers, wire cutters, a fine edge blade, spring-loaded scissors, flathead screwdriver, crosshead driver, tweezers and a file. This keychain multitool is compact and lightweight.
Price R369

Complied by: Elise Kirsten