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Subaru XV vs Land Rover Defender?

28 March 2013

Now, we know the Subaru XV is capable – far more so than soft-roader critics may think. It’s won awards locally and internationally,  and our own Road Test editor was more than impressed with it.

The guys at Subaru, however, have infinite faith in their SUV. And who can blame them – all manufacturers believe in their products (or at least they claim to).

But would you pit your soft-roader against a real 4×4? Against an iconic 4×4?Against a Land Rover Defender? Subaru would.


XV vs Defender


Crazy? Brilliant? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Titan

    Oh wow! The Subaru can cross a traction perfect surface with some bumps lower than the height of the wheel! Incredible!
    Try beating the Landy in it when going a up a 45 degree slope with a 30 degree side angle covered in wet rocks, boulders and axle twisters with wheels clogged with mud from wading through a metre and a half deep flowing muddy river in the middle of no where with a fully loaded boot and roof rack on a car that has just crossed kilometres of soft sand roads and quagmire upon quagmire with no chance of rescue in the event of getting stuck or breaking down!
    Railway sleepers on tar with clean tires and no slope in a parking lot is not off roading come on! It’s not even off the road! The Landy is a real 4×4 and can do real off roading so if they’re going to test the Subaru against it, at least test it against it’s true capabilities! The fact that the Subaru can follow the Landy over bumps doesn’t make it a good offroader! That is just trick advertising!

  • Titan

    Also the way they casually leave the diff locks off on the Defender to make the wheels slip and make the Subaru look better! Wow! They’re really desperate! Alright! Buy the car and see how far it gets! 😉 good luck!

  • Dave

    As the video said, the XV wasn’t competing with the Defender but it was merely as example of how capable the XV really is. The Defender will be better in the wild but the little hatchback sized XV is a very capable off roader. Probably best in it’s class. With the 220mm ground clearance it has the highest ride height in both XUV and SUV segment excluding the Forester which has the same.

    The fact is that the XV is the most capable cross over in the market and one of the most capable SUV’s in the market. Most capable is probably the Forester now with the new X-Mode feature.