“The Evolution of the Modern Car” – a reflection [w/video]

With so much new technology being developed for vehicles at the moment, it’s worthwhile – and quite interesting – to take a look at the development of the motor vehicle over the last few decades. While it’s true that auto-tech is advancing exponentially at the moment, it’s not the first (nor the last) time that our trusty steeds will make a jump in ability and driving experience that is difficult for us to wrap our heads around.


The video below – developed by Kia as a promotional video – takes us from the combustion engine through the development of rubber tires, mass production, the addition of the rear view mirror, power steering, a gas gauge and turn signals. It’s amazing to see how quickly – and sometimes how long apart – some of the innovations were. For example, seat belts only entered the game in the 1960. Kia has done well to limit their promotional elements to the last few seconds of the 1min 51s video, so take a look below.

Video first found on Carscoops.