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The ‘Limited’ Lifestyle

20 February 2018

Looking to set yourself apart from everyone else on the road? Why not opt for a limited-edition vehicle? Sure, these cars tend to be expensive, but there are cheaper options to consider. Here are six tempting special editions.

If you’re the cynical sort, you might question the point of a ‘limited edition’ vehicle model. Why, you might ask, does a ‘special’ paint job and a few stickers make a vehicle more desirable, or more expensive, for that matter? Logically speaking, it’s difficult to see the creation of a limited-edition vehicle as anything other than a sneaky marketing move. However, buying a vehicle isn’t all about reason and logic. Choosing a car – for most people, at least – is an emotional decision. The majority of us want something that’s ‘cool’ and ‘eye-catching’ and ‘different’. Hence the popularity of limited editions: they allow us to buy a popular vehicle, while standing out from the crowd. Here are six vehicles that marry popularity with exclusivity.

CHEAP AS CHIPS: Renault Kwid Xtreme

Thanks to its amazing asking price, funky looks and cool entertainment system, the Renault Kwid has been selling up a storm.

For those looking for a Kwid that stands out from the crowd a bit, Renault SA now offers the Kwid Xtreme. Changes and additions aren’t massive, but you do get some extra decals, new rims, rear park sensor and doors that lock automatically when you set off.

As with the regular Kwid, there is still only a single driver airbag up front, and no ABS; however, a version with more safety kit is apparently in the works.
THE GOOD Funky and affordable
THE BAD Limited space and safety features

PRICE R149 900 (New)
YEAR 2018
ENGINE 1.0-litre Smart Control efficiency (SCe) Renault engine
TRANSMISSION Five-speed manual

THE SAME, BUT DIFFERENT: 2017 Toyota Hilux 2.8 GD-6 D/C 4×4 Raider Black Limited Edition

The Toyota Hilux is a phenomenally popular bakkie in South Africa, regularly topping the sales charts. This is good for the buyer, of course, since it means that there’s a dealer in every town, and resale value remains high. On the downside, though, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. How then, do you ensure that your Hilux looks a little different from your buddy’s? You opt for the the Raider Black Limited Edition. Launched in 2017, the Black Limited Edition is mechanically identical to regular models, but adds some nice-to-haves. You get things like gloss black finishes on the roof and front, as well as fancy 18-inch rims. In the cabin, you get carbon fibre inserts, black leather with silver stitching and electric adjustment for the driver’s seat.
THE GOOD It’s still a Hilux. Pricing is good for a limited-edition model.
THE BAD Changes are small.

PRICE R539 900
YEAR 2017
MILEAGE 18 000km
ENGINE 2.8-litre turbodiesel
TRANSMISSION Six-speed auto

ANOTHER SPECIAL BAKKIE: 2017 Ford Ranger 3.2 D/C Fx4 4×4 Auto

Like the Hilux, the Ford Ranger sells in great numbers every month, so it is also offered in limited-edition guise, should you wish for something different. As with the Hilux, changes and additions on the Ranger FX4 are largely cosmetic, with the standard drivetrain carried over from the regular model. One nice extra, though, is an upgrade to Ford’s SYNC 3 system with Navigation. Additional bonus bits include special paint colours, unique rims and decals. The 17-inch alloy wheels are supplied in an eye-catching Panther Black finish. The same colour is adopted for the side steps, rear bumper and special FX4 tubular sports bar located in the load bay, the latter protected by a fitted bedliner. To round off the design, unique FX4 decals are applied on the sides and rear tailgate.
THE GOOD Additions are eye-catching and cool.
THE BAD Purely a cosmetic upgrade.

PRICE R539 995
YEAR 2017
MILEAGE 7 000km
ENGINE 3.2-litre turbodiesel
TRANSMISSION Six-speed auto

(VERY) SPECIAL DEFENDER: 2015 Land Rover Defender 110 TD Heritage Edition

Launched when Defender production was officially coming to an end, the Heritage Edition became an instant collector’s item. Underneath, it was a regular modern Defender, but on the outside it was designed to bring to mind the Land Rovers of old, with steel rims, green paint job and white roof. At one point, owners were asking close to R1 million for a Heritage Edition, though the market seems to have calmed down a bit now. This example can be yours for R725 990, which is about what it went for when new. Take good care of it, and it can be a real investment down the line.
THE GOOD Looks great. Should appreciate in value.
THE BAD Big sticker price on a basic 4×4.

THE BRABUS TREATMENT: 2016 Mercedes-Benz G-Class G63 Brabus AMG

If a regular G63 is a tad understated for you, how about a G63 that’s been modified by Brabus. This yellow monster is purportedly the only Brabus conversion of its kind in the country. It has Brabus rims, a carbon fibre bonnet, Brabus exhaust, special bumpers, LED lights and a rear DVD player in the cabin. According to the seller, the Brabus extras alone are worth R650 000, which means that you might be able to get away calling this R2.7 million second-hand SUV a ‘bargain’.
THE GOOD The only one in the country.
THE BAD Very, very pricey.

PRICE R2 699 995
YEAR 2016
MILEAGE 11 251km
ENGINE 5.5-litre turbocharged petrol
TRANSMISSION Seven-speed auto

ONE LONG LANDY: 2016 Range Rover L SVAutobiography SDV8

Take a standard (and already very plush) Range Rover, and lengthen it. Then add all sorts of extra features and top-quality finishes. This is the recipe behind the Range Rover L SVAutobiography. With its longer wheelbase, this Range Rover is a product of Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division, hence its awkward SVAutobiography name. As should be obvious, this is not a vehicle for people who drive themselves. The focus here is to make the rear more spacious and comfortable. There are two individual seats in the back that can both recline. A central console allows you to control your own entertainment system. When it comes to exclusivity, few vehicles can beat this Range Rover.
THE GOOD Ultimate luxury.
THE BAD Expensive, of course.

Text: GG van Rooyen