The people of Groot Marico

By Louis Kleynhans

Is the hectic pace of daily life getting to you? I know of a place where you can get your mojo back. Groot Marico is just 90 minutes from Johannesburg and Pretoria.

When you hear “Groot Marico” a few things spring to mind immediately: Herman Charles Bosman, Mampoer and Bushveld will lead most of the lists. You will be absolutely on the mark, but what I have found to be the biggest gem in Groot Marico is the people. The moment you phone the Information Centre, you will realize how friendly and helpful Santa and her amazing team are. Don’t go to Groot Marico expecting to be immediately entertained. You will have to delve a bit deeper for the Marico experience.

Santa, Lironka and Teresa are an endless fountain of knowledge. They don’t only know what there is do in town – you can bet that they are the driving force behind it. The Bosman site in town is their pride and joy. The Bosman society has taken the school where Bosman taught apart brick by brick and moved it from near the Botswana border to Groot Marico. They have also built a Hartbees Huisie and amazing traditional Tswana houses. The museum is where the soup kitchen is run from, and the home of all the Bosman Festivals.

My hosts Louis and Jolene took me into their home and lives and I was treated like family. There is not much that can top good company, sherry and a warm fireplace.