The Similarities and Differences Between Car and Motorcycle Insurance

Difference Between Third-Party and Comprehensive Car Insurance

You’ve fantasised about it since you were a child. The sensation of wind in your hair and the sense of freedom that only riding a bike along winding mountain roads can provide. You’ve made the decision to purchase a motorcycle for yourself. Now is the time to live out your ‘easy rider’ fantasies.

You’ve spent countless hours researching the ideal model, and now you’re prepared to visit the dealer to buy your new motorcycle. Before you hop on your new bike, Dialdirect would like to remind you of a few more things to think about. Motorcycle insurance is one of them.

You will definitely need insurance when you’re driving on South African roads, whether in a car or on a motorcycle.  You’re probably already pretty clued up about what car insurance entails, and while there are similarities between car and motorcycle insurance, there are also some differences. Discover these similarities and differences as Dialdirect discusses motorcycle insurance vs car insurance.

Similarities between car & motorcycle insurance

The main cover remains unchanged. Motorcycle and auto insurance cover theft, unintentional damage to your motorcycle or car, and third-party liability. You are also covered if any accessories that came with the car or bike are stolen, or if your bike or car is damaged in a fire or flood.

  1. Premiums 

The same factors are considered when calculating your motorcycle insurance premium for car and motorcycle insurance options. These include:

  • The higher the premium, the bigger, shinier, and faster the bike or car you drive.
  • The higher the insurance premium, the more expensive the bike or car.
    Where you live: If you live and travel in an area where accidents or theft are more likely, the cost of car or bike insurance will rise.
  • Your security precautions, such as installing additional security measures or parking your car in a locked garage.
  • The drivers of the bike or car, including how many there are, how old they are, what gender they are, and how long they have had their licences.
  • How frequently you plan to ride your bike or drive your car: Will you use them only on Sundays, or will they be your primary mode of transportation every day?
  • Whether you want comprehensive or basic bike insurance, we can help.

The type of car or motorcycle insurance you choose, like any other vehicle, will affect the costs. Of course, you must decide what type of coverage best meets your needs while staying within your budget.

2. Add-ons

Like most insurance packages, extras can be added to your car or bike insurance policy, like Hail Cover or Scratch & Dent Cover. Dialdirect car and motorcycle insurance includes Emergency Assist for roadside and towing assistance. All handy benefits to have when you’re out on the road.

The differences between car & motorcycle insurance

Apart from their wheel numbers, there are a few differences between cars and motorcycles when it comes to insurance. While both come with their own set of risks, motorcycles tend to carry a higher risk.

  1. Risk factors for motorcycles

Skipping the morning rush hour, finding good parking spots and enjoying the open road on your Sunday morning ride are some of the benefits of riding a motorcycle. But you can’t ignore the high risk of riding a bike[1], especially on busy South African roads. If the unfortunate happens and you get into an accident, your chances of injury are much higher if you are on a bike than in a car. The damage and chance of a ‘write-off’ are also much higher on a bike. These all impact your insurance premiums.

  1. Motorbike insurance costs

While buying a motorcycle is generally less expensive than buying a car, the opposite is true when it comes to insurance. Motorcycle insurance in South Africa is frequently more expensive than car insurance because motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in an accident. This increases the likelihood of filing a claim.

It’s not all bad news; if you have an inexpensive motorcycle and a good riding record, your motorcycle insurance premium will most likely decrease. Sports bikes, on the other hand, will be more expensive. Remember that there are numerous engine types available for motorcycles. The higher the insurance premiums, the more powerful the engine.

  1. Different types of add-ons

There are also a few different add-ons that come with motorcycle insurance. Motorcyclists usually also have options like transport trailer coverage and coverage for custom accessories, parts, and equipment like chrome and saddlebags.

  1. Finding insurance partners

It’s pretty easy to get car insurance. There are plenty of car insurance companies in South Africa. Bike insurance companies, on the other hand, aren’t as common. Not all vehicle insurance providers offer both car and motorcycle insurance – which could mean more admin for you if you already have car insurance with a provider that doesn’t also offer motorcycle insurance.

Get a motorcycle insurance quote with Dialdirect

At Dialdirect, we offer both car and motorcycle insurance – removing the admin of having to sign up with another insurer. One monthly debit order. And one contact to answer all your insurance questions and queries. It can’t get any simpler.

As you can see, not all vehicle insurance is the same. While car and motorcycle coverage share many similarities, don’t make the mistake of assuming that they’re precisely the same. Anyone owning and riding a motorcycle, whether for getting around town or taking long country drives, should have motorcycle insurance coverage. Get a motorcycle insurance quote online from Dialdirect to keep your asset safe.