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Hyundai Santa Fe Video Review

5 March 2013

If you missed it on Ignition TV,  Anzet du Plessis chats about the ups and downs of the new Hyundai Santa Fe after driving it internationally and finally, at the local launch.


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  • Pieter

    I was quite vocal about the fact that many modern Diesel-powered vehicles get their warranties voided should you dare use 500ppm Diesel in them. This basically made Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, etc., inaccessible. Good news (need to be confirmed)

    I have just received the following from Volvo, on June 4, 2013 at around 12 noon:

    “According to a recent case study 50 ppm diesel are available in Namibia and Botswana on most of the main routes therefore these engine variants are available in the major centers (Gaborone and Windhoek).”

    This welcoming news means that, with careful planning, modern Diesel-powered vehicles fitted with DPF’s can now be used outside of South Africa.