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April 2017

20 March 2017


April 2017 Issue

This month we look at Zimbabwe. Is it a great overland destination, or nothing but a frustration? Well, it’s a bit of both. The cops with their road blocks are frustrating, but there are some magical places to discover.

Our second big adventure this month is a journey to a wet but very beautiful Lesotho. We travelled up Sani Pass and through the Cloud Kingdom in an Isuzu KB. Things got very, very slippery.

Which is the fastest standard bakkie in South Africa? We lined up all the most popular double cabs for a fun but slightly pointless test. Egos will be bruised.

Our road test is the Maserati Levante. Can a 3.0-litre diesel SUV deliver the Maserati experience?

On the technical side, we look at sand driving. How should you do it, how should you not do it, and why are tyre pressures so important?

Lastly, we look at the absolute bargains you can find on the second-hand 4×4 market for R1 million.



  • Izak Smit

    Interesting article on Dr Flip Stander and the Desert Lion Project’s history…..
    One thing that can not be taken away from him is what he has done in the past for the Desert Lions.
    There are a few questions, in the Interview nr 10 he declares having done Conflict management for 15 years and also admits “Deliberately not doing it anymore” due to other initiatives that will work together with him as the source of sound scientific knowledge to enable this process.
    What are these other initiatives and by whom are they driven?
    Was there a responsible “handover” of Conflict management duties in order not to leave the Lions and Livestock exposed without conflict management, and if so, to whom and what do they do with regard to this issue?
    Why are Lions of “conflict prides” in Torra/Palmwag areas not collared despite the donation of 4 GPS collars by well meaning donors?
    Who are the “ignorant keyboard warriors” and what are they misinterpreting….although “ignorant” are they not maybe just concerned and well meaning which translates from the “Awareness” you advocate?
    This is not an attack but honest questions that, if answered, could help the situation surely?