December 2012

Living up the hype

Our cover story is a trip to the desert country of Morocco, where we test drive the new Hyundai Santa Fe, coming to South Africa soon.  Have the Koreans managed to create yet another impressive SUV at great value for money, or will the Santa Fe struggle against competitors? Read our article on page 24 to find out.

Budget Battle

We also feature a budget battle between the GWM Steed 5 workhorse and the weekend warrior Ssangyong Actyon Sports. In a country where Japanese and German marques reign supreme, Ssangyong or GWM may not sound like much of a choice to be given. But are we blindly staring at automakers’ badges and making choices based on everything except what’s under the hood? We decided on a face-off between two competitors that may not be on most buyers’ shopping lists, but probably should be.

Mixed Fortunes

We check in on our staffs’ old-term, second hand 4x4s, and find it’s a tale of mixed fortunes. About a year ago, four pre-loved SUVs found new homes at the Leisure Wheels editorial staff offices. Since then, relationships with these special off-roaders have either blossomed or soured. How have these 4x4s fared, a year on? On page 54 you’ll find the new owners’ latest updates.

A legendary journey

Our Project Pajero recently went on its inaugural overlanding trip, and to make things interesting, we took along four of the new Pajero Legend models, and the winners of our Leisure Wheels Project Pajero competition. Our mission: to find out if these Mitsubishis are legends in the true sense of the word.