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November 2017

23 October 2017

November 2017

November 2017 Issue

On our cover this month, we have the Isuzu MU-X. General Motors may have left South Africa, but Isuzu is staying… and it’ll be bringing its MU-X to our shores soon. We travelled to Australia with 4×4 Mega World to take this vehicle for a drive.

For a third year in a row, we tackled 7 000km in seven days, all in aid of kids with cancer. For 2017, we travelled through Southern Africa in two Kia Souls. Read all about this mammoth adventure in this month’s issue.

Our Project Mazda’s transformation was completed recently, so we decided to take it on an overland trip, just to make sure that it’s a competent long-distance traveller. Our destination for this trip was a very cold and snowy Lesotho.

There are a lot of modified Land Cruisers out there, so we don’t often encounter one that truly blows us away. Onca 4×4’s latest vehicle is different, however. This beast of a rock crawler is one of the greatest modifications we’ve encountered in quite a while.

Concept vehicles allow designers to go crazy – to create a vehicle that pushes the envelope. This month we celebrate five amazing 4×4 concepts that sadly never made it into production.








  • Hennie Johnson

    Good day
    I have been following the Ignition program on the evaluation of the 2017 Crossover challenge with some divided impressions. My first response was one of excitement to see what make and model would walk away with what can only be described as probable the most anticipated award since this fast growing market is turning the motor industry on its head. But my excitement was short lived as it became clear that the line-up revealed that some of the competitors did not quite live up to the general public’s view of a Cross- over vehicle. (being a funky, sporty vehicle that offer some realistic gravel road abilities) Not an SUV but still tough enough.
    A couple of these vehicles certainly did not reveal themselves as Cross over vehicles and most of all the winning vehicle !! While me and the misses had the opportunity to test drive the Little Suzuki, it showed some clever design elements on certain angles but were disappointingly sluggish and under-powered on the open road. more of a city car than anything else. Undauntedly it would struggle against any steep incline not to mention a steep incline on a dirt road.
    Secondly comparing 2.2 and 2.4 lt vehicles against 0.9 lt units do not really give justice to either correct ?

    Any way my 5 cents to the evaluation done by Leisure Wheels.