Meet Louis Kleynhans: Travel photographer

Regular readers will have noticed this new name across our website, so we though it time to introduce the travel photographer behind all the tips and latest photos to you properly. We’re happy to have his photos grace our web pages!

Louis Kleynhans is a freelance travel, culture, editorial and documentary photographer based in South Africa, who works around the world. In fact, he is so busy that you have to have your wits about you just to keep up with him. Louis’s love of photography began when he worked as a photo-journalist for regional, national and then international newspapers and magazines. Louis’s dedication to visual storytelling is enhanced by his love for travel, history and cultural exchange. Louis has planned and led various photographic expeditions in Africa with great success.


Louis works primarily as a freelance photographer. He has been commissioned by corporations, private organizations, universities and independent writers and his images have appeared on everything from billboards to magazine and book covers. Lately, he has been spending a lot of time giving back to the photographic community providing various courses. These range from lectures with students to international workshops. Most of these workshops are presented on location. The workshops include: How to make a portrait, location light, location light with speed lights, location portrait and fashion and documentary photography.


​When not working on photo assignments, Louis can be found volunteering his time with conservation organizations, youth organizations and local NGO’s. Louis hosts an International Leadership camp every year in Lesotho. The funds raised go to sustaining the community for the next year. They have managed to build accommodation for Aids orphans and a hugely successful pre-school, one of the very few in Lesotho.


Aside from all the exciting stuff, Louis is a relaxed person who has an astounding passion for photography. He takes any challenge and turns it into a photographic opportunity. He enjoys working with people and when you work with him and his team, it will feel like so much fun that, you will wonder where the time went.