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Land Rover Defender with a Corvette V8

12 October 2018

The Land Rover Defender was a bit of an icon and since its departure a while back, there has been a huge gap in the market.

Since its replacement was spotted testing for the first time only recently, we’re still at least two years away from an all-new model. What shall we do in the meantime?

Well, the aftermarket segment is still very much at work pimping Defenders.

This time it’s a company called East Coast Defender and its Defender is called the D110.

For starters it is equipped with a Kahn widebody kit, 20-inch alloys and all-terrain tyres.

That’s pretty standard stuff, but underneath the bonnet you’ll find the best part. It has the 300kW V8 from a Corvette and a properly loud aftermarket exhaust system.

The interior was also overhauled completely with fancy leather, an assortment of toys and a racing steering wheel.

Check it out in the video below.