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Traxxas introduces radio controlled Merc-AMG G63 6×6

10 September 2019

Always wanted a Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6 but don’t have the R20 million needed to park it in your driveway?

There’s now another way of getting your hands on one, though you’ll never be able to get in it. Thanks to the folks at Traxxas (makers of some of the most amazing R/C cars ever) you can now get a radio controlled G63 6×6.

But this isn’t merely a standard R/C car with a 6×6 body bolted on top. It’s a bespoke model that features quite few nifty gadgets.

Instead of a biturbo V8, you get an electric motor with Sport, Race, Training and Crawl modes.

The wheel articulation is just as good as it is on the real car and it also has locking differentials.

Heck, this thing even has portal axles, but that’s enough from our side.

See it in action below.