New Toyota Quantum gets a 4×4 makeover

Ever wondered what a Toyota Quantum 4×4 would look like?

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Wonder no longer, for the Australians have gone and converted the famous people carrier into something that can carry people basically everywhere.

The company behind the conversion is called Bus 4×4 and this conversion is based on its already-existing Land Cruiser 200 Series 4×4 kit.

The upgrades include 180mm of additional ground clearance, a modified independent front suspension and a full-time four-wheel drive system with both high and low range.

According to Bus 4×4, this vehicle is ideal for harsh environments where you are moving a moderate amount of people.

In addition to the standard kit, one can also add a few options. These include an upgraded suspension at the rear to smooth out the ride, a limited slip diff at the rear, front protection rails and rugged off-road tyres.

Bus 4×4 doesn’t provide a price, but it’s probably not cheap. These models are built to order and the company doesn’t keep stock.

This conversion is available on every Quantum Toyota makes, including the standard people carrier, or the fancy VX grade.

Watch the video below to see it in action.