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Paris Motor Show: Nissan TeRRA next step in EV concepts (video)

1 October 2012

Nissan’s success with SUVs and crossovers has translated even in the local market into great sales figures for the Japanese company. It’s no surprise that one of the most innovative automakers is keeping with the times, and has produced an SUV concept electrical vehicle. The Nissan Leaf lead the way into the minds of buyers for Nissan, being the first EV vehicle to be received positively by the general public.

Now, they’ve gone a step forward and pushed EV vehicles into what is undoubtedly the most popular vehicle market at the moment – crossovers and SUVs.

The Nissan TeRRA SUV concept was on display at the Paris Motor Show, and has an innovative 4×4 fuel-cell electric powertrain. The vehicle is the newest addition to Nissan’s zero-emissions range, but sports the usual masculine styling of SUVs with thick pillars, thin side windows, big tyres and a high belt-line, as seen on the Juke.

The interior, in contrast, is soft and light, and extremely futuristic. The driver’s position is the all-familiar high-SUV ride height, which has become popular due to the degree of “safety” felt from this viewpoint. The instrument cluster is a docked electronic tablet, and it serves as a portable “key” which can be removed and taken on foot by the driver. Outside of the vehicle, it’s an ordinary tablet which allows you to remain connected with the vehicle. Thus, entering the vehicle means you’ll stay on the same radio station you were just listening to, or be navigated to the destination you just searched for.

The four-seater’s proposed 4×4 fuel cell electric power train is not a fantasy. An electic propulsion system powers the front wheels (and is the same as currently found in the Leaf), and each back wheel has an in-wheel electric motor (similar to the prototypes in the PIVO concepts).

The are no driveshafts, which means there’s no hump in the floor or on the underbody – increasing ground clearance and allowing for the flat boot floor.

Under the bonnet you’ll find Nissan’s hydrogen guel cell stack, with a power density of 2,5kW per litre.

Speaking to a packed audience at the Paris Motor Show today, Nissan Executive Vice President Andy Palmer led the global unveil of the TeRRA FCEV concept.

A pioneering bionic screen technology was used as part of the media conference revealing the TeRRA concept in dramatic style. Ben Bowlby, the creator of the innovative Nissan DeltaWing race car joined Andy Palmer on stage during the Nissan press conference, explaining how Nissan’s innovative spirit helped him to make his motorsport vision become a reality.

Among an array of models on display, the final production Juke NISMO appears alongside several special versions including the Juke with Ministry of Sound and Qashqai 360, as well as a revised version of the 370Z.

Click here to see more images of the Nissan TeRRA.

Watch the Nissan Paris Motor Show Press Conference video below, or click here to watch on YouTube: