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Projekt Grenadier – a successor to the Land Rover Defender

21 September 2017

Billionaire Ineos boss Jim Ratcliffe reveals new details about his plans for a Land Rover Defender style vehicle called Projekt Grenadier in this video.

Ratcliff wants the final product to be a go-anywhere off-roader, with the model promised to have “spirit and straightforward engineering of the old 4x4s but with a massive leap forward in reliability.”

The company hasn’t released pictures of its first model but call it the “spiritual successor tot he Land Rover Defender,” with a design similar to the iconic off-roader, yet with the reliability of the Toyota Land Cruiser. It will be a “no frills, uncompromising, off-road 4×4,” says Ratcliff.

The first model is slated to be launched by 2020 and the company has plans an entire range of vehicles with multiple wheelbase options. The SUVs will be sold globally and offered with petrol, diesel, and hybrid powertrains.

The plan is certainly ambitious but a lot of details still need to be worked out – mainly where the vehicles will be built. Ineos Automotive is considering building a new plant in the United Kingdom but only if it makes financial sense to do so. This could cost between £600-700 million ( around R11 – R13 billion). Another option would be contract manufacturing from companies such as the Austrian Magna Steyr.

According to INEOS Automotive CEO Dirk Heilmann, “Our job is to create the world’s best and most uncompromising 4×4, and we are steadily moving forward with the project. We have recruited a first-class management team, are making good progress in our search for a manufacturing site, and we are now launching the new Projekt Grenadier interactive website.”