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Chevy’s FNR-X reminds us of…

19 April 2017

Chevrolet’s new concept, the FNR-X, is ready to debut at the Shanghai Auto Show and it from the side profile it reminds us very much of Toyota’s C-HR with it’s angularity and aggressive stance, although the front view looks tamer.

The FNR-X looks almost production ready, which is a far cry from the FNR concept that Chevrolet introduced at the Shanghai Auto Show two years ago, which came across as more of a sci-fi fantasy car.

The new FNR-X concept derives its name from the brand’s slogan – Find New Roads – with the X indicating that it’s a crossover.

Interestingly it has been designed to be adaptable to both on and off-road conditions, with adjustable ride height and suspension as well as a range of aerodynamic devices that adjust as you drive to manage the airflow.

The car is powered by a plug-in hybrid setup, which has not yet been disclosed that  comes with all-wheel drive.

Inside it looks very state of the art with polygon forms, OLED displays, ambient lighting and upholstery in technical fabrics.

  • teofli

    Awesome, but it does not look original. I see the CHR and Lexus in this car.