Delta 4×4 attempts to build the ultimate Amarok

Delta 4×4 is a small European tuning house that takes standard 4x4s and dials them up all the way to 11. 

It already has a package for the Mercedes X-Class and the humble Renault Duster, but now it’s adding an extreme Amarok V6 makeover to its line-up.

There actually isn’t one set package, but rather a collection of items you can choose. To get the Amarok looking like this costs around R160 000 in addition to the price of the standard car. Not cheap, but still less than the price of a standard Mercedes X-Class.

All of this kit adds an impressive 250mm to the height and 200mm to the width.

It rides on a set of Bilstein shocks and Cooper tyres.  These tyres are 35×12.5R20 giants, mounted on 20×9.5 KlassikB rims with “Icelandic Style” wheel covers adding a further 20cm to the vehicle width. The rugged Icelandic look is rounded off by a European approved front bumper on which they’ve mounted a PIAA LED wide beam emitter and side bars made of the finest stainless steel.