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Cool ‘Fast and Furious’ 1967 Chevrolet C-10 up for sale

12 January 2018

This 1967 Chevrolet C-10 pickup blasted its way onto the fourth Fast and Furious movie as part of the first action sequence of the film. Despite being rather cool, it would have been easy to miss altogether, however. That’s because it only spent about 15 seconds on screen, doing a quick 180 to steal a tankerload of petrol.

This movie car is currently on sale on Ebay, apparently with all the paperwork to prove its Hollywood pedigree. Some of the vehicle’s parts are just for show, like the giant, shiny 10-speed gear level as the pickup is actually an automatic with only three gears. The air tanks on either side of the flatbed are also only to enhance aesthetics.

Other fakes are the large big chrome diesel exhaust stacks, but even if they were connected to something, it wouldn’t be a diesel engine. However under the Chevy’s hood is actually a petrol-powered V8 mill – so at least it has some power, although this isn’t specified. It does reportedly send 664Nm of torque to the massive rear truck tyres.

This bakkie without a bak (cargo bed) does have a flat bed behind the cab and is listed for sale at $32 500 (about R403 000).