Introducing Inverted’s Tesla-motor Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series

UK-Based company Inverted have released an electrically re-engineered series of Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40 vehicles, available in every chassis length, at an eye-watering price.

Inverted, who offer bespoke electric builds and have already produced a line of classic Range Rover electric conversions, have now turned their attention to Toyota’s classic 40 series. The firm can convert all model variants—including the J40 short-wheelbase, J43 mid-wheelbase, and J45 long-wheelbase—into electric vehicles.

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Regardless of the chassis length selected for conversion, each vehicle will feature a 53-kilowatt-hour battery pack, capable of delivering approximately 150 miles (241 kilometres) of range on a full charge. Unique among many EV conversions, this particular one by Inverted incorporates DC fast charging capability up to 75 kilowatts, allowing for a charge from 20% to 80% in less than 30 minutes.

The first powertrain option allows the Cruiser to retain its original transmission and gives the vehicle 160 kW and 340 Nm of torque. By retaining the original drivetrain, manual gear shifting is preserved, and the vehicle can start in any gear. Typically, for everyday driving in these conversions, third gear is used, but a lower gear can be selected for additional low-speed torque necessary for navigating obstacles off-road. This option also retains the ability to toggle between two- and four-wheel drive and features an electronically controlled locking differential.

The other, Tesla-motored powertrain, uses a permanent 4wd system and pushes out 238 kW and 420 Nm of torque. At an additional cost of course.

Every vehicle that leaves the Inverted workshop is fully restored with thoroughly upgraded interiors, featuring fine leather upholstery, a premium sound system, Apple CarPlay, a reversing camera, and air conditioning. Customisation of the vehicle through additional exterior and interior options is offered, but will of course raise the price even further. As it stands, the starting price is $240,000 (approximately R4,368,000) plus VAT, which totals to $292,000 (approximately R5,305,440), excluding the vehicle’s initial cost.