Toyota to grant royalty-free licence to 24 000 patents

Toyota has announced two new measures to help vehicle manufacturers address the demands of time, money and resources needed to help develop sustainable mobility and combat rising emissions.

First, it will grant royalty-free licences on almost 24 000 patents it holds (including some pending applications) for technologies relating to vehicle electrification. Second, it will provide fee-based technical support to other manufacturers developing and selling electrified vehicles when they use Toyota motors, batteries, power and electrical control units and other system technologies in their powertrains.

The ultimate goal for Toyota is to promote the widespread use of electrified vehicles, and so help governments, vehicle manufacturers and society at large meet their goals in addressing the challenge of climate change.

“Based on the high volume of enquiries we receive about our vehicle electrification systems from companies that recognise a need to popularise hybrid and other electrified vehicle technologies, we believe that now is the time for cooperation,” said Shigeki Terashi, Toyota Motor Corporation Board Member and Executive Vice President. “If the number of electrified vehicles accelerates significantly in the next 10 years they will become standard; we hope to play a role in supporting that process.”

By offering royalty-free patents and technical support, Toyota sees an opportunity to encourage the development and market introduction of electrified vehicles around the world. It has long considered this to be a top priority management issue, based on its strong belief that environmentally conscious vehicles can only contribute to the fight against climate change if they come into widespread use, reducing CO2 emissions.

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