Transform your car into a money-making machine

It’s no secret, you love your car! The freedom it gives you to move around and how it expresses who you are. But, did you know that car ownership has another untapped benefit?

Simply said, it’s car-sharing with RentMyRide. The safe and convenient way to earn money from your car when you’re not using it. 

The truth is many of us aren’t really driving around as often as we did. Maybe you’re working from home more than you used to. Or your household only really makes use of one car, while the other just sits around.

Globally, companies like Turo in the US and Snappcar in Europe have already proven that peer-to-peer car rental is an exponentially growing industry.

In the same way, RentMyRide, South Africa’s 1st car-sharing marketplace, enables car owners to list and rent out their private cars, to generate additional income.

Locally, many car owners have successfully earned a second income through RentMyRide.  The service is typically used by people who are on business trips or simply want the convenience of a car for the weekend, or a few days.

As always, safety is key!

For this reason, RentMyRide has implemented all necessary guardrails to ensure a safe and secure car-sharing marketplace for Owners and Renters.

How do they do it?

  • Screenings. Renters and owners are screened against a set of eligibility criteria. Additional verification is run in the background using a world-class system.
  • Tracking. No-tracking-device? Owners can benefit from a discounted installation by RentMyRide’s preferred vehicle tracking partner.
  • Insurance. During each booking car owners and renters are covered. This covers the car for theft, accidental damage, and third-party liability. It also provides 24/7 roadside assistance for renters.
  • Flexibility. The car owner is in charge and can deny a request if it doesn’t suit them.
  • Reviews. After every trip, car owners and renters can rate each other.

Finally, both parties win! 

  • Car owners who list their cars on RentMyRide have access to a secure and accessible platform for monetising their vehicle assets.
  • People wishing to rent cars can choose from a large range of vehicles, receive convenient pick-up, and pay a car rental fee that is typically 25% less than regular.

On average, RentMyRide owners can earn between R 3 000 and R 7 500 per month off-peak, while their earnings can jump to between R 5 000 and R 12 000 during peak season.

Want to get started and earn money with South Africa’s trusted car-sharing community today? List now and get an extra R250 when you list your car and get your first rental.

Visit and see what you can earn.