5 reasons to shop for a car online

Online car shopping made easy and safe – with motus.cars

Author: Sheryl Thiel

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, whether new or pre-owned – the process has changed quite substantially over the past few years. As the Internet drives revolutionary changes in the car-buying process one no longer needs to spend days traveling from dealer to dealer looking for the vehicle they want – and then hours more negotiating a deal.

motus.cars, supported by Motus Ford (previously Imperial Select), helps break down the reasons to shop for a car online and more:

5 reasons to shop for a car online with motus.cars

These days you can  secure the car of your dreams without even leaving your home. Nearly every step in the car-buying process can be completed online with much less stress. In most cases, though, a final trip to a dealership is still needed to go for a thorough test drive, to sign the paperwork, and to take delivery of the car.

Here are 5 reasons why you should shop for your next vehicle online with motus.cars:

  1. All vehicles are owned by Motus

When purchasing a vehicle most consumers want to skip the middleman and go directly to the owner himself, however this often raises a concern around safety and potential scams. motus.cars has these concerns covered – they  own all the cars listed on their website, so you can rest assured knowing any car you view or buy, are owned by them, and come with a guarantee.

  1. Choice

With over 300 dealerships and 30 brands represented by motus.cars, you will not be strapped for choice.

  1. Safety assured

You can be confident that there will be no unpleasant surprises! All vehicles listed on motus.cars  are quality cars and guaranteed not stolen or rebuilt. Although everything can be conducted online – you will be dealing with a real person, and you are backed by the years of heritage and trust that the Motus brand offers.

  1. Guided all the way

The experts at motus.cars have years of product knowledge and although it is always good for you to do some research beforehand – you will not need to know everything! The team are extremely knowledgeable and are there to guide you through the entire process – from vehicle choice, to finance options.  You can select the cars you would like to test drive, easily book online, and then test away.

  1. One-stop-shop

The entire process  of buying a new or pre-owned vehicle can be done with motus.cars, from trading in or selling your existing vehicle, to selecting your new dream car and everything in between.

Do you need to apply for finance? Sorted!

Do you need to add on a service plan? No problem!

How about booking to get your vehicle serviced when it needs servicing? DONE!

What if you have general motoring questions or want to be kept up to date with motoring tips?  Well motus.cars has that covered as well!

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