4×4 Care with Jake Venter

4×4 Care

with Jake Venter


In our September issue, Jake discusses the oft forgotten subject of washing your vehicle properly. Now, this may seem like a menial issue, but suppliers make millions each year off fancy waxes, polishes and car shampoos. Is it worth it? And, is it worth the extra rands to take your vehicle to a professional car wash, or is there a correct and affordable way to do it at home? How do you get the most out of your vehicle’s paint job?

Grab out September issue (check your supermarket shelves on 13 August 2012) to find out how Jake does it.

Should you take you 4×4 to a car wash, or clean it yourself at home? Can you trust someone else to know to clean the specialised equipment like┬ároof-racks, winches and snorkels? Here’s what Leisure Wheelers said on our Facebook poll:


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