A Mini beach bum

Many of you will already be familiar with the Mini Crossover, which is about to move from the concept stage into production, and should be on sale before year-end. Well, the Beachcomber is a concept of the Crossover, and is aimed more at the fun (and impractical) side of life.

The all-wheel-drive vehicle has a slotted grille that conjures up memories of the Mini Moke. The doors have been done away with (also like the Moke), although lightweight doors and a soft roof would apparently be included for emergencies like rain. Not that that should ever be an issue, because the chances of the Beachcomber making it production are slight, to say the least.

What WILL be going into production alongside the Mini Crossover are the Coupe and Roadster. All three of these new models will be built in the Mini plant in Oxford, the United Kingdom.