Alfa Romeo jeep?

As you may know, Alfa is owned by Fiat, and Fiat has entered into a “strategic partnership” with Chrysler, who own Jeep, making this sort of product sharing a possibility.

Things get even more complex when you take into account that the 2011 Grand Cherokee was actually designed in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz (when THEY had an alliance) and will share a fair bit of technology with the upcoming Mercedes ML.

The Alfa SUV would probably be far more of a soft-roader, or sporty SUV, than the Jeep and will no doubt have a fraction of the off-road prowess of its legendary sibling. Think more BMW X5, Lexus RX or Nissan Murano.

Hopefully the Alfa will retain traditional Alfa characteristics such as gorgeous lines and an involving, sporty drive. Engine possibilities include one of the bigger Alfa JTD diesels, perhaps the 2,4-litre, the 2,6-litre Pentastar V8 from Chrysler, and, just maybe (although we’re probably just kidding ourselves) that spectacular V8 from the Alfa 8C Competizione.