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Arcti-fy your bakkie!

16 May 2012

Arctic Trucks are officially in South Africa!


Any die-hard 4×4 enthusiast knows what an Arctic Truck is.  They’re big, they’re capable, they were the only vehicles that made it up to the Eyjafjallaj?kull 
stratovolcano last year and they’re excessively awesome.


A while ago, Danie went to Iceland to drive one of these fabled machines – the big one; the “44”.


Now, Leisure Wheels reports in the June issue of the magazine that Arctic Trucks are officially operating in South Africa. No longer confined to the Discovery Channel or pages of your favourite adventure magazine; you can now turn your very own Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Isuzu KB, Fortuner, Prado or Land Cruiser 200 into an AT. Two more kits are on their way, and all of these are available with 38-inch (AT38), 44-inch (AT44) and – the focus of the SA arm – 35-inch (AT35) conversions.



What the conversion is not:


This is not simply a case of slapping big tyres, some spacers and new wheel arches on. And no, you can’t just buy the wheel arches for show – the kit comes as a whole. Your beloved yet completely ordinary vehicle undergoes a complete makeover, including modification of the A-pillar to accommodate the new wheels so that the tyres don’t touch the arches.



What’s in the conversion?


  • Four 35×12.50R17

  • Four 17-inch Arctic Trucks alloy rims

  • Colour-coded fender flares

  • Modified running boards

  • Speedometer calibration

  • 40mm suspension lift

  • Koni shocks

  • Mud flaps

  • Modification of A-pillar

  • Modified front and rear fender arches



I WANT ONE! Want to know more?


Check out the Arctic Trucks website


Or find out more about the local operations by grabbing the June issue of Leisure Wheels, on sale until mid-June:


  • The increased ground clearanceallows you to deflate tyres more than usual if necessary, and increases wading depth and track width … ” – pg 25 Leisure Wheels June issue

  • The big quesion, of course, is the price. It’s not cheap. You’ll have to pay around R153 000 …” – pg 25 Leisure Wheels June issue

  • Arctic Trucks’ vehicles recently set the Guiness world record …” pg 23 Leisure Wheels June issue

  • Rosa

    can anyone help me allocate rubber fender flares for the new Ford rander 3,2 4×4 t6 super cab

    • iqbal

      hello Rosa please, contact me on 011-8457874

  • didi

    hello… where i can get those sexy fender flare for navara .. please emel to me @ [email protected]

    • Hi Didi – the info should be in your inbox. Send us pics on Facebook if you do make the conversion!

  • Radiotec EastrandCustoms

    hi there im also looking for those sexy flared arches for my hardbody , it already has the mags n tyres to suite , thanx nick at [email protected] and 0826812338

  • Mark Boy

    Hi Guys, My name is Mark, I am looking for fender flares for 2007 Nissan Navara D/C, can anyone help ? In SA please.
    My email is [email protected], my number is 0834713166.
    Thank You

  • Christo

    Hi, is it possible to buy the arctic fender arches, all four?

  • Tebogo Ntoampe

    can anyone help me allocate rubber fender flares for the new Toyota hulix Revo