Australia using tech to stop driving and texting

Here’s an interesting bit of tech that would do well in South Africa.

The Police in New South Wales in Australia is rolling out a new camera system that can detect when a person is using their phone while driving.

This system was tested over a six month period where it scanned 8.5 million cars and found over 100 000 people using their phones while driving.

The system works via two cameras. The first camera scans a vehicle’s number plate, while the second high-resolution camera peers into the windscreen to see what the driver is up to. Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence, the camera will take a photo of the driver if he/she is doing something else besides steering the car.

If it’s indeed a case of using a phone while driving, an infringement notice will be sent out, but not before being verified by an actual human.

The fine for using you phone while driving is around R3500.