BMW reveals electric iNext concept

BMW recently unveiled an all-new electric vehicle concept, called the iNext.

It basically showcases where the “I” sub brand will be heading next and it’s straight into SUV territory.

The iNext seems to be the size of an X5, which makes sense as it will be launched a few months after the i4, which was unveiled a few years ago as the I Vision Dynamics.

There’s no word on power or price at the moment, but BMW has stated that it will be switching battery partners, who will build batteries based on its own designs.

The iNext’s interior is also interactive. The rear bench, for example, lights up when you touch it.

Passenger entertainment is provided by an overhead projector that can display on any surface in the car.

The iNext will have various driving modes, the two most important being Boost and Ease. In Boost mode the driver is in charge, with the car taking over in Ease mode.