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Cartrack’s R1 Million Limited Recovery warranty now available for all brands

10 September 2019

Last week Cartrack introduced its R1 Million Limited Recovery warranty for all Toyota models.

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Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to that launch, Cartrack has decided to expand the warranty with immediate effect to all brands.

“It is very clear from the response that we have had on this initiative, that there is a demand for this type of warranty,” says Cartrack’s South Africa CEO, Harry Louw. “South Africans want the added peace of mind that such a warranty brings. Customers want to be able to secure their assets, no matter what make or model.”

“We were the first to go to market with the cash recovery warranty, and this initiative is a natural evolution of that. As vehicles become more complex and expensive, South Africans will, now more than ever, want to protect their investments and rest assured that their vehicles are safe. With this warranty in place, our customers will be paid out the book value of their vehicle, up to R1 Million if it is not recovered.”

“With our 92% recovery rate and our world-class in-house software and recovery infrastructure, as well as our commitment to putting our customers in control of their vehicles, we are more than able to provide the additional assurance to our customers.”

“We’re putting our customers in control knowing that should their newly purchased vehicles be stolen or hijacked, they can trust us to get it back,” concludes Louw.