Crew Chief might hint at production model

Jeep famously built a whole line-up of concept vehicles for its Easter Safari, but what we didn’t know at the time is how special the Crew Chief concept actually was.

We know Jeep is busy working on a bakkie, but we have no idea what it will be based on or what it will look like.

The head of design, Mark Allen, recently provided some hints, but only stated that there are a few things on the Crew Chief that we might see on the production model.

We’re guessing that it will be based on the Wrangler, but with its own unique styling to make it stand out from the Wrangler line-up.

Unfortunately the Crew Chief’s styling is too retro to be considered, but what a bakkie it would have been.

An all-new Wrangler is set to debut within the next two years, but no release date has been set for SA.