Double cab sales figures: Ford Ranger back in the lead

It seems Ford and Toyota are playing a game of tag when it comes to double cab sales figures, because after the month of September, Ford is back in the lead.

Up until the end of July, the Ford Ranger was in the lead.  From January 2019 to July 2019 Ford sold a grand total of 10 642 double cabs, which was only slightly more than the Toyota Hilux, which managed a grand total of 10 548. That put Ford 94 units in the lead.

In August Ford sold a grand total of 1719 Ranger double cabs, while Toyota sold a grand total of 1909 double cabs.

That brought the total tally to 12 361 for the Ford Ranger and 12 457 for the Toyota Hilux, placing the Hilux 96 units in the lead in August.

We now have the verified model-specific sales figures for September, courtesy of Lightstone Auto and can report that Toyota sold 1 566 Hilux double cabs, while Ford sold 1 742 Ranger double cabs during September.

When we look at the year so far, Ford Ranger double cab sales stood at 14 103 at the end of September, while Hilux double cab figures stood at 14 024. That’s a difference of just 79 unit.

In the extended cab segment, the Hilux is way in the lead, with 6055 units sold so far this year. Ford is in second place with 3 006 units sold, while Isuzu came in third with 828 units sold.

In the single cab segment, the Hilux is also in the lead with 10 766 units sold. Here Isuzu takes second place with 6 288 units sold, while Ranger takes third with 2 508 units sold.