Double cab sales figures for January 2020

Last year we brought you the verified sales figures for double-cab bakkies, courtesy of Lightstone.

As we reported earlier this year, the Toyota Hilux double-cab was the sales leade for 2019. You can read all about that by following the link below:


We now have verified double-cab sales figures for January 2020 and can reveal that Toyota Hilux is once again in the lead. Toyota sold 1377 double-cabs, while Ford sold 1351 double cabs. That’s a difference of just 26 models. In third place, we find the Nissan NP300, with a sales tally of 527 units. Surprisingly, Isuzu only managed to sell 275 double-cabs in January.

Volkswagen sold a total of 165 Amaroks, Nissan sold 146 Navaras, Mahindra sold 79 Pik Ups and Mitsubishi sold 40 Tritons.

Check out the table below for extended-cab and single-cab sales figures.

Type Jan-20 2020 Total
FORD Ranger D-Cab 1351 1351
FORD Ranger X-Cab 177 177
FORD Ranger S-Cab 207 207
ISUZU D-MAX C- Cab 5 5
ISUZU D-MAX & KB D-Cab 275 275
ISUZU D-MAX X-Cab 50 50
ISUZU D-MAX S-Cab 343 343
MAHINDRA Scorpio Pik-Up D-Cab 79 79
MAHINDRA Scorpio Pik-Up S-Cab 250 250
TOYOTA Hilux D-Cab 1377 1377
TOYOTA Hilux X-Cab 495 495
TOYOTA Hilux S-Cab 809 809