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2014 Hilux Trophy entries still open

21 February 2014

Numbers for the 2014 Hilux Trophy have been reduced. Only 80 teams will now be allowed to participate, but some spots are still available.

Thanks to its practicality, reliability and off-road ability, the Toyota Hilux remains one of the most popular overland vehicles around. So, it was high time that a 4×4 challenge pitting Hilux owners against one another came along. Thankfully a proper competition has now arrived in the form of Hilux Trophy.

What exactly is Hilux Trophy? Simply put, it is a 4×4 competition that tests all aspects of off-road driving and overlanding. Competitors won’t merely tackle obstacles. Of course, some hair-raising obstacles will be involved, but there will be many other challenges as well. Entrants will be tested not only on their off-road driving abilities and 4×4 skills, but also on their ability to navigate in the bush and their knowledge of the Hilux.  Winning won’t only require excellent 4×4 driving skills, but great navigation skills and bushcraft as well.

All elimination rounds will take place in the Cradle of Humankind, near Johannesburg. Thirty teams will take part each weekend, with three teams moving on to the final event each time. The final event will be staged at an undisclosed location, where the final competitors will be tested over a gruelling five-day competition that promises to separate the men from the boys.

Event dates are:

Die datums vir Trophy is nou as volg,

– 16 – 18 Mei 2014

– 6 – 8 Junie 2014

– 13 – 15 Junie 2014

– 20 – 22 Jun 2014

– Final 15 – 18 Augustus 2014

The cost is R2500 per team. To enter, or for more information, can contact Riaan Jooste on 071 428-4910; or [email protected].

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  • Riaan Jooste

    Jan, very sorry about that! Issues with the hosting company and working on it! Kindly send us a mail to [email protected] and I will forward all relevant info, Riaan Jooste