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Fastest Land Rover on the planet

12 February 2014

According to vehicle tuner Kahn, its heavily-modified new Defender is the fastest Land Rover on the planet.

We’re guessing, though, that the company isn’t considering any vehicles with Range Rover badges when it makes this statement, since a Defender that can outpace a new Range Rover Sport would be quite a sight.

The vehicle has been dubbed the “Chelsea Longnose”, and it sports a burly V8 powerplant that pushes out 370 kW of power. The name derives from the fact that the front of the car has been extended to accommodate that big engine.

Other features include a six-speed auto gearbox, uprated diffs and a braking system taken from a racing vehicle.

Apart from the power output, no other performance stats have unfortunately been divulged. We’d certainly love to know how quickly it darts from 0 – 100 km/h. Who knows? Perhaps Kahn will take it to the Nurburgring ┬áto set a blistering lap time, since that seems to be what all tuners and manufacturers are doing these days. And setting a new official lap record around the ‘Ring for a Defender probably won’t be too hard…

Only 49 will apparently be built, and we’ll probably never see one on South African roads, but the mere fact that such a fantastically preposterous creation exists gladdens our hearts.