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Ford and Michelin develop self sealing tyre

13 March 2019

Ford and Michelin paired up to develop some interesting new tyre technology for the 2020 Ford Explorer.

It’s called Selfseal and it’s basically just a layer of sealing solution on the inside of the tyre. In this application, it can seal a puncture up to 6.35cm in diameter. That’s more than enough to cover the damage made by a nail, or something similar.

Michelin says it slows the loss of air pressure significantly, which would enable the drive to complete his/her journey.

We can definitely see it working in South Africa, for obvious reasons.

As an added bonus, the Ford Explorer also has a full-size spare for when the damage is too great to be repaired by the Selfseal.

There are currently no plans to introduce the Explorer in South Africa, but we’re hoping Michelin introduces Selfseal on other vehicles.

Watch it in action in the video below: