Ford’s Ranger-based SUV is in Oz!

Ford has finally unveiled what we’ve been speculating over for so long – an all new Ranger-based SUV. The so-called concept Everest has been debuted in Australia


Now, before we all get upset that this is happening way off in Oz, consider the fact that Ford Motor Company has had a fair amount of negative press there, following their announcement regarding the discontinuation of the Territory and Falcon. Job loss concerns have been front of mind for Ford employees there, and the debut of the Everest has, according to Ford, been a show of faith of sorts for consumers and staff there.

CEO and President Alan Mulally himself was in Sydney for the debut:

“We are introducing more great vehicles to Australian customers more quickly – with more innovation, more first-to-market safety advancements and more features customers really want and value,” Mulally said. “We also are committed to Australia as one of our product development centres of excellence, with talented designers and engineers creating vehicles and technologies here in Australia for the world.”

Mulally is referring to the range of 11 vehicles offered in Australia, all said to be getting an update by 2017.

The seven-seater Everest itself is based on the incoming Ford Ranger, due to update the model currently on our roads in around 2015. According Car Advice, however, the new Everest won’t be entirely bakkie-based, sharing only certain parts with the Ranger. For now, all we know about it is that it is definitely set for production, and has the “inverted trapezoid grille” that has become the Ford family face. It is set to be released in Australia in December this year. What they have said about it, is that it’s not a replacement for the Territory, and is set to be a serious off-roader.

One more generation of Territory will be sold there before the badge is discontinued in around 2016.


Source: Car Advice