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G-Class motorhome looks like the magic school bus

11 February 2019

Most of the ultra-expensive Mercedes-Benz motorhomes we feature on this website are based on the Unimog, but this particular once-off model is based on the G-Class.

As you can probably tell, this is not a new G-Class, but rather a previous-generation G350d. The custom living space on the back was made by Orangework, which is a German-based company that usually builds its products on the Unimog.

To get such a luxurious living space, Orangework stretched the wheelbase by 60cm. To make it even more capable off-road, it was fitted with portal axles and 18-inch off-road rubber that features central tyre inflating system which can be used from the cabin.

On the inside it looks way more modern than it does on the outside. There’s a door that separates the cabin from the living area. In there you’ll find a full kitchen, bathroom with a hot shower and a dining area that converts into a bed.

Check it in action in the video below.