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GMC Creating Wrangler Competitor?

29 January 2015

US automaker GMC – a division of General Motors – is reportedly planning a vehicle that can rival the popular Jeep Wrangler.

Considering the popularity of Jeep’s hardcore off-roader, it is actually surprising that it doesn’t have more direct competitors. Well, now it seems as if GMC is ready to take on the wrangler.

According to the Wall Street Journal, GM executives recently visited dealers in their network to get some feedback regarding a Jeep competitor. And it seems as if dealers are keen to get this sort of 4×4 on their showroom floors.

What will this vehicle look like? Well, it will apparently be inspired by the looks of the Hummer, and obviously boast some serious off-road capability.

Of course, the vehicle is only in the planning phase right now, so it will be quite a few years before its ready for production. But we’ll keep you posted…

* Hummer HX Concept shown.