Gran Turismo Sport – PS4

Gran Turismo Sport for PlayStation4 is the thirteenth game in the Gran Turismo racing game series and the first game to be launched for PlayStation4.

The graphics are incredibly realistic and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of playing the game on a 42-inch screen. We didn’t have the virtual reality (VR) headset or camera to enjoy a fully immersive experience but we can imagine that it would be even better.

You can race on your own, against a partner with a dual-screen view and online too.

A great feature of Gran Turismo Sport is that in the beginner mode, the game allows anyone unfamiliar with racing games to ease into it by providing driver assistance for cornering, breaking and gear-shifting. As you become familiar with the controller, the track and your ride, you can move on to the intermediate and then expert level.

Speaking of rides, the selection of cars is impressive, from street cars to high performance sports vehicles, like the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. Offline you can playing in Arcade mode. When you play online however,  you can a earn mileage points, experience points and currency (by taking part in mission challenges or driving school) to unlock new race tracks and buy new cars.

There are a number of options with regard to race tracks and we particularly enjoyed racing off-road. The fact that the controller vibrates as you careen, drift and lurch around corners and over humps give it a somewhat realistic feel.

The racing is competitive and the controls are intuitive and you can set them up according to your preference, using motion sensor or controller buttons.

Gran Turismo Sport offers hours and hours of entertainment and is a superb racing game.