Isuzu’s mu-X now available with Eaton rear differential lock

Isuzu’s mu-X is an impressive all-round SUV, with seating for seven and features aplenty.

As far as off-roading is concerned, it has low-range a ground clearance of 230 mm with a 24-degree approach angle and departure angle of 25.1-degrees.

The mu-X is already capable of tackling the roughest terrain any driver is likely to encounter, but hardcore enthusiasts have always pointed to the fact that it doesn’t have a locking rear differential. To further enhance this capability Isuzu has an optional mechanical diff-lock for the 4×4 as well as the 4×2 models.

The Eaton MLocker is a mechanical locking differential which provides additional traction without the need for driver intervention. The MLocker functions as a light bias limited slip differential during normal driving conditions and as a 100 % full locking differential when traction conditions become tricky. The MLocker automatically locks in a fraction of a second, delivering added traction on a variety of surfaces including wet roads, icy conditions, gravel, mud, dirt and sand.

The MLocker engages when a low traction situation causes a wheel speed difference of 100 RPM, a flyweight mechanism opens to engage a latching bracket. The stopped flyweight triggers a self-energising clutch system, forcing a cam plate to ramp up on a side gear. This continues until both axles turn at the same speed (i.e. full axle lock), which prevents further wheel slip. Unlocking occurs automatically allowing the differential to resume normal operation.

The MLocker does not interfere with vehicle safety systems as it is automatically disengaged from 30 km/h and above.

The Eaton MLocker is available as a R 11 500 (incl VAT) option on both mu-X models.