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JCB sets new world record for fastest tractor

26 June 2019

At the moment the world record for the fastest tractor stands at 140km/h, but it seems that record will be shattered shortly.

JCB recently recorded its record attempt and a documentary about it will be aired shortly in the UK.

What we do know is that the JCB Fastrac 8000 achieved a speed of 166km/h, but we’re not sure whether this record was verified or not.

What we do know is that the JCB is equipped with a 7.2-litre diesel producing 745kW and 2500Nm of torque. The standard CVT box had to be ditched and replaced with a six-speed ZF box to cope with the added power.

The aerodynamics were done by the Williams Formula 1 team.

Check out the short trailer for the upcoming documentary below: