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Kia unveils Telluride concept in Detroit

12 January 2016


Kia has unveiled its Telluride concept at the Detroit Motor Show.

It’s a seven-seat SUV and it’s based on the Sorento, even though it’s bigger in every direction. The jury is still out on the looks, but kudos to Kia for designing something that looks completely different than anything else out there.

Power is provided by a plug-in hybrid system, which generates a cool 300kW. All of this power is sent to an all-wheel drive system.

The interior features captain seats for the front and second row, while the third row is a fold-down bench. Sensors also monitor the first and second row passengers’ health, which is something we’ve never heard of before.

Kia has no plans to introduce the Telluride, but it’s design might just pop up again a few years from now…